The End

Practical Placement has come to an end and I can’t help but feel sad at leaving all the new people I have met and learned from over the past three weeks. It was an awesome experience with my mentor giving invaluable advice to improve my teaching abilities. This led to me bringing in a chocolate cake as a thank you for the teaching staff and the other student teachers who also gave me some different perspectives on teaching. I can’t wait to move into my last year and do the five week placement where I hope to make the classes I teach my own for the whole time I am teaching them.


Last Week

This is the last week of practical placement and I am already getting that feeling that I will miss the teachers in the staffroom, my classes and yes even the students. I have had the privelege of being with an awesome mentor who pushed me to do better as she told me the first day ‘I want you to be better than me’ and with that attitude I have grown substatially as a teacher. Making my classes my own was the best experience in the world and I now feel more confident in what I have to offer especially after been given the opportunity to mark my year 8 history classes exams. I am just waiting on some feedback on how my marking went but I feel confident that I did my best for the first time I have ever marked an exam. Its not just my mentor who has made my grown as a teacher with the rest of the humanities staff treating my like I was an actual teacher and giving me invaluable experiences. The pupil free day I was able to see the work that goes into creating a work plan for the new Australian Currculum as was fortunate to be able to help. My experience has been so awesome.

In the words of Rachel Nolan ‘roll on this time next year as I will graduate and be out there doing this for real!!!!’.

Looking Back Over My Week

I have been reading through different students memories of their first week of placement and was delighted to hear so many positive posts including one on Mrs D’s page which talked about the different ICTs that have been used during the week. I myself have had such an enjoyable time that I wish I could stay as the entire staff have made me feel like an actual member of the team. I feel that my abilities in many different areas have improved due to not only my mentors help but those teachers in my staffroom who have encouraged me. I have intergrated different ICTs into my lesson that have made my students and a couple of the teachers interested in my lessons. I had the humanities head of department want to watch my lesson because I was using my tablet as the keyboard and mouse instead of the laptop. It felt awesome to show experienced teachers some new tricks and to encourage the use of ICTs in the classroom.

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.

One Week

It is one week until the start of practical placement and I am scambling to collect the resoiruces I need for the first couple of days of school. When I met my mentor she gave me the information I needed to create my first lesson for the week in a course I have never taught before which is going to be a great experience. I am hoping to have at least the lesson plan done and the start of my content as a preview for her to look over. I am hoping to be more than ready for the first day of school along with my expectations for the classes I will be teaching and my action plan for behaviour managment sorted. So much to think about beforehand.

Feeling Lucky

Went to meet my mentor yesterday and found myself already on my way to a great relationship with her. I found out that she use to be the behaviour management coordinator at her previous school which means learning from one of the best. Also because of the changing legal studies curriculum while I am on placement my mentor will be writing the new unit plan for next year. She asked if I would like to look through it and help where I can which is a great opportunity for if I have to do the same in my teaching career. The ICTs are a little limited within the classroom but she gave me free range to try anything with the classes I am going to teach. I am so excited to be able to have such a broad range of opportunities that the weeks left until placement are too long in my opinion.

Meeting My Mentor

Today I will be meeting my mentor for the first time to discuss my role within their classroom and to have a look around the school. I am excited to find out the topics that the students will be learning especially in History as I love to learn and teach about it. I hope to show the students my passion for history and hopefully influence the way they see history. I have started to put together a list of things I would need to know before my first day of placement and am looking forward to finding the resources I will integrate into the lessons. I am hoping for some ICTs within the classroom so I can have a starting point however, it they are limited then I am excited to influence those around me to use ICTs more when teaching lessons.

Reflecting on Experience

I find myself reflecting back on the past couple weeks on the changes I have undergone since I wrote my first reflection. Another assignment is finished and professional placement in coming fast but have I really changed that much in a short amount of time. I think my perceptions have change significantly with how to use ICTs effectively in the planing and implementing of lessons within the classroom. In the beginning I use to think ICTs would be used to supplement my lessons information and I had limited experience with fully integrating it into a learning environment. By working through the course content I have found the contradiction between my thoughts and the actual practice. I try to look for ways to improve my abilities but between uni and work the time seems to run away. This has made me determined to better my skills during the summer holidays ready for the next big practical placement in my 4th year of study. So really this course has opened up so many possibilities that I am determined to explore it their fullest from this point in time to the distant future.